Hunt Mountain Goat in Southeast Alaska

Hunt Mountain Goat in Southeast Alaska


Mountain Goat hunting in the winter is something to behold! Imagine hunting a magnificent winter-haired Mountain Goat in the Ice fjords of Southeast Alaska... We have exceptional trophy quality on these hunts. Our hunters’ trophies often average well over 9 inches! Goats range from sea level to around 2,000 foot elevation depending on the rut and snow.

This is a spot-and-stalk hunt conducted primarily from skiffs launched from the mother vessel that serves as “base camp”. Climbing is required to ensure your success. Shooting distances range from 150 to 500 yards. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, like no other Mountain Goat hunting available. Our Goat hunts are 6 days of hunting, travel days extra.


The day begins with breakfast around 6:30am as it gets light this time of year around 7:30am. We depart the base camp vessel with lunches for the day around first light and begin our cruise in 16 or 18 foot skiffs in search of “reachable” goats. We slowly work our way through the icebergs as we glass the steep slopes for goat. When a goat is spotted that might be in range we work at getting a spot to scope him to determine size and access. We then make a plan. Depending on the time, position and attitude of the goat, and weather, we may climb that day or the next. We are back to the big boat by 4 pm as darkness has returned by then this time of year. Dinner is served around 6:00 pm and we do it all over again the next day. This hunt is at times, more mentally challenging than physically challenging. Most likely, we will not climb everyday. A climb is planned only when the chance for success on a trophy-quality Billy is very high. Simply put, the Hunter must be patient - things will happen quickly when all the elements line up as they should.


We recommend that all travelers get full-flex tickets as you are traveling to the Last Frontier and weather will at times play a big part in getting in or out of Alaska. Glacier Guides’ Goat hunters fly into Juneau, Alaska. From there, hunters proceed to a pre-designated Air Charter company, to be flown via floatplane to our vessel awaiting your arrival in the field. Please take note of the travel details and dates included on your contract for booking of flights. Call us with any questions to ensure you are arriving and departing as necessary.


  • Mt. Goat Hunter $35,000
  • Non-hunters $6,000
  • Plus License, Tag, Air Charter, HPF

Glacier Guides is an authorized licensed vendor for Alaska Department of Fish and Game. We will arrange for necessary license, tag, and registration permit requirements for your fishing or hunting trip, taking the guessing and uncertainty out of the picture. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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